Just a little FYI: Filtering doodad in Adblock Plus opens door to third-party malware injection

Third-party providers of content filter rules could stiff netizens A feature introduced last year in Adblock Plus and a few other related content blocking browser extensions allows providers of filtering lists, under certain conditions, to execute arbitrary code on web pages.… Report This PostOriginal article…

Notre Dame’s Interior Ravaged by Flames But Cross Remains Intact (PHOTOS)

On Monday, a French journalist shared photos of the inside of the Notre Dame Cathedral, revealing that most of the church’s interior had been destroyed, except for the altar and its cross. Report This PostOriginal article…

MEPs Condemn US Witch-Hunt on Assange as Threatening to Journalistic Work

On 11 April Scotland Yard announced Julian Assange had been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy after Ecuador withdrew his political asylum on Thursday. The founder of WikiLeaks was also arrested at the request of the US authorities, in accordance with an extradition order. Report This PostOriginal article…

Lloyd Evans gets out his crystal ball to see the future for Jehovah’s Witnesses

 Where is the Watch Tower and Bible Society of Pennsylvania, A/K/A, the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization, headed? We’ve seen a lot of bad news about child abuse being covered up in the church here and abroad. But does that mean changes are coming? Or, with 8 million members, is this a movement that’s too big to […]

Another Day, Another Lie: Clearwater Edition

A new press release about the Fort Harrison hotel is more important for what it DOES NOT say than what it does. Scientology puts out these paid puff releases pretty routinely. I came across this one accidentally, and of course, the lies flew off the page. Everything that emanates from scientology is designed to create […]

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