Another Day, Another Lie: Clearwater Edition

A new press release about the Fort Harrison hotel is more important for what it DOES NOT say than what it does. Scientology puts out these paid puff releases pretty routinely. I came across this one accidentally, and of course, the lies flew off the page. Everything that emanates from scientology is designed to create […]

More on Fake Scientology Tours in Clearwater

Yesterday’s post about the fake scientology tours brought some other interesting things to light. First, one of the scientology “fronts” that smears whistleblowers announced that the Ft Harrison is “for scientologists only”. When Aaron Smith-Levin pointed out that Lisa Mansell had lied to the Chamber of Commerce, the “Truth Newsroom” quickly “clarified” that it’s “open” […]

Allison Mack may be on her way to prison, but she can sing really well!

   Frank Parlato is having too much fun at his blog as the leaders of Nxivm are, one after the other, getting the boom lowered on them in federal court. And now that Smallville actress Allison Mack has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in September to perhaps up to 20 years in prison, Frank […]

Clearwater “Record Breaking” Community Clean Up

Funny how they already know it’s going to be “record-breaking” weeks before it occurs… Because like all their other community/social betterment activities, they will simply SAY IT and nobody will ever challenge them. And because they already have it worked out that they are going to get children from the scientologist-owned schools to participate in […]

Thursday Funnies

  First, thank you so much for the quite overwhelming volume of good wishes on the occasion of my birthday yesterday. There is no way I could respond to everyone individually or even “like” or “heart” everything. It was extremely gratifying to know how many people out there have my best interest at heart. It’s […]

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