‘They Were Lost in Desert for 40 Years’: Twitter on Johnson’s Brexit Exodus Plea

A reference by former UK Foreign Minister to the book of Exodus in the Old Testament and the Israelites leaving slavery in Egypt, while writing about Theresa May and Brexit, hasn’t gone unnoticed in the realm of social media. Report This PostOriginal article…

BP’s ‘I Am Ashurbanipal’ Exhibit Showcases Untold History, Taps New Alliances

UK oil and gas giant BP’s ‘I am Ashurbanipal: King of the World, King of Assyria’ exhibition drew to a close on 24th February at the British Museum, which celebrated the life of seventh-century BC’s most powerful person on earth in the first ever major exhibition of its kind in the UK. Report This PostOriginal article…

Bill Gates Was Born in a Wealthy Family & His Mother Helped Him Get Sweetheart Deal With IBM

Growing up as I did, with an early interest in business, it was almost impossible not to envy people like Bill Gates, and even measure myself against them. Gates had placed all his chips on the table at one time and walked away richer than Croesus. And me? Well, I’d never even sat down at […]

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