More on Fake Scientology Tours in Clearwater

Yesterday’s post about the fake scientology tours brought some other interesting things to light. First, one of the scientology “fronts” that smears whistleblowers announced that the Ft Harrison is “for scientologists only”. When Aaron Smith-Levin pointed out that Lisa Mansell had lied to the Chamber of Commerce, the “Truth Newsroom” quickly “clarified” that it’s “open” […]

Leah Remini accuses former Scientologists of sabotaging an episode of ‘Aftermath’

 Leah Remini has accused two former members of the Church of Scientology of sabotaging an episode of her A&E series, Scientology and the Aftermath, linking to their Twitter accounts, calling them “Scientology Operatives” and encouraging them to “get help.”    She also linked to a YouTube video posted earlier in the evening by ‘Aftermath’ guest […]

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