WATCH Merkel Leave Poroshenko Confused After Avoiding Handshake

This is not the first time that Merkel leaves her Ukrainian counterpart a bit confused by refusing to behave as expected. Last time, she greeted Ukraine’s honour guard during her visit to Kiev with the words “greetings to the soldiers” instead of the standard phrase “Glory to Heroes”, which is associated with the Ukrainian nationalist […]

S-400 Boosts Turkey’s Position in Mediterranean in NATO Nightmare – German Media

Although the US has been trying to talk Turkey out of purchasing the Russian-made S-400 air defence systems, Ankara seems to have refused to back down. A journalist at the German outlet Stern, Gernot Kramper, points out that the deal could become a huge problem for NATO, as Moscow could eventually gain access to the […]

Ex-Venezuelan Intel Chief Jailed by Spanish Court Pending Extradition to US

Hugo Carvajal, a former general and close ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, was arrested by Spanish police on Friday on the basis of a US warrant for drug trafficking charges. Report This PostOriginal article…

Four EU Countries Will Take 64 Migrants After 11 Days At Sea – Reports

German NGO Sea-Eye that owns the ship with rescued migrants has previously urged Malta and Italy to open their ports for them, but Rome has refused to accept the vessel. Malta and Libya have also refused to accept the rescued ship, noting that activists encourage human traffickers in the region. Report This PostOriginal article…

Did France Support Rwanda Genocide to Combat ‘Anglophone Influence’ in Africa?

French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed a panel of experts to investigate allegations Paris was partially to blame for the Rwanda genocide which killed more than 800,000 people over 100 horrific days in 1994. Sputnik spoke to Dr Phil Clark, a Rwanda specialist, about the claims made against France. Report This PostOriginal article…

Moldovan President Says Snap Parliamentary Elections Could Be Held This Fall

CHISINAU (Sputnik) – Moldovan President Igor Dodon believes that early parliamentary elections in the country may take place in October-November 2019 if a coalition is not formed by June. Report This PostOriginal article…

Pope Francis Stuns Social Media Kneeling, Kissing South Sudanese Leaders’ Feet

The 82-year-old pope pleaded for peace in a striking gesture during a meeting with leaders from the troubled country that gained independence from neighbouring Sudan in 2011 and then was mired in a violent internal conflict. Following the military takeover in Sudan, concerns are being heard that the fragile peace might be in peril. Report […]

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