UK’s May Says No-Deal Preparations Must Continue Despite Brexit Delay – Reports

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – UK Prime Minister Theresa May said in a letter to civil servants on Monday that preparations for a no-deal outcome should continue despite a new Brexit deadline extension agreed between London and Brussels, The Guardian reported. Report This PostOriginal article…

WATCH Tommy Robinson Backers Hold Rally in London to Support Brexit

Supporters of British right-wing activist Tommy Robinson are gathering in London to support the UK’s withdrawal from the EU after Brussels earlier this week agreed to delay Brexit to 31 October. Report This PostOriginal article…

‘Stand Down’: UK Gov’t Abandons £1.5bn Preparations for Imminent No-Deal Brexit

The latest development appears to hammer the final nail into the coffin of a no-deal Brexit happening in the near future. While it doesn’t necessarily rule out the prospect in the long run, many who believe that the UK should just cut its losses and abruptly leave the EU are rapidly losing hope of that […]

Macron Succeeds in Blocking UK From EU Decision Making – Reports

The French president has reportedly been a vocal opponent of a long Brexit extension for the UK, whose divorce from the EU was delayed until 31 October, although it was supposed to crash out the bloc by 12 April. Some reports have suggested that he was “isolated” on the matter despite sympathy from Austria, Belgium, […]

British PM Says UK Could Leave EU With a Deal as Soon as Possible

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May told a news conference on Thursday that Britain could leave the European Union before the 30 June, adding that she has been reaching out to find a way to get Brexit agreement in the UK Parliament. Report This PostOriginal article…

Macron Says Brexit Delay Beyond 30 June Could Put EU at Risk – Reports

French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday at a meeting in Brussels that any Brexit delay beyond 30 June could jeopardize EU, Reuters reported, citing a diplomatic source. Report This PostOriginal article…

Macron to Support Brexit Delay if UK Agrees to Remove EU Commissioner – Reports

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Leaders of the EU member states are set to discuss a new Brexit deadline at their emergency meeting, which will be held in Brussels later in the day. While London has already been granted a delay until Friday, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has requested a new delay until June 30. Report […]

EU Envoys Considering Extension of Brexit Deadline to 30 March, 2020 – Report

EU envoys are considering extending the UK’s Brexit deadline to 30 March, 2020, with a final end-date to be confirmed later, Reuters reported, citing an EU official. Report This PostOriginal article…

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