What is the “Sea Org” and why is it always the subject of ridicule and fear?

The Sea Org was invented by Ron Hubbard as a name for his “elite” groupies. They were supposed to have “special privileges” which of course never materialise – you must always reach the “next level” and when someone does, they make a new level on top of that one that they must pay for and so on.

So it’s like a pyramid scam.

The “Sea” part is because Hubbard was a part-time sailor. He discovered that outside of British maritime law, he could wear an admiral’s uniform, and medals, without breaking any law. The Admiralty were furious at this, but unable to act.

Next, he began convincing people that he had some kind of military jurisdiction or rank – he couldn’t overtly state this because it would be classed as infiltration. He made it seem like he was part of a men-in-black covert ops team, when really he was a fantasist who played on peoples hopes and fears to extort money and sexual favours.

So they began charging people to be shipped away. These people were (and still are) literally trafficked – kept in the filthiest conditions and made to perform mind-numbing repetitive menial tasks at the whim of their superlatives.

They especially despise members of the armed service, police, reporters and above all psychiatrists. They especially target superstars, role-players and people with “wild” beliefs such as UFO’s, and anyone who is likely to mistrust the authorities. This is because the authorities are the only people who can help you, and only if you can give them evidence.

You have to be screened using a make-shift polygraph-like toy and are denied access until you are “clear”. The machine is not based on the principles of polygraphy and will trigger under any emotional reaction during “auditing”. The interviewer won’t know if the person is lying, angry, upset, aroused, or simply had a strong thought. However, a scientologist would be convinced that you’re reacting to their stimulus – even though a normal polygraph would show the response to be nonincidental to the questioning. They don’t like being laughed at. Also, people can easily lie without triggering the apparatus, which is almost impossible to do with a polygraph.

So the whole thing seems like an utterly ludicrous waste of time – which it is, for the participant. However, the interviews are recorded and scoured over by teams. They record and collate every tiny scrap of “information”, true or false, that they can later use to blackmail their membership. So they demand cash or the information will be leaked to the authorities. However, whether you pay up or not has no bearing on whether the information is released or not – this seems to be random. So it’s a network of slimy snitching cretins, with no real friends.

They don’t know what friends are. It’s a society for “spoilt bastards”.

The main rule is – don’t be scared. And, don’t tell them anything. Don’t even lie. Don’t even spit in their eye. Just blank them – and if they try to force their way in, hurt them.

They “play games” and often, they’ve been told beforehand that they’re actors on a set – a big chance for stardom as a stand-in. But it’s not a set. The police are real officers, not actors, and so are the soldiers. And so was the handgun that you’ve just used to blow someones head off. The people who asked you to help were fake – they had forged papers, and enough information about you and their targets to make a real-enough looking scenario.

People of low IQ are in plentiful supply – they make great cannon fodder for Mr Hubbard and his groupies.



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